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MyRideDNA is more than a mapping app. It’s more than just getting from point A to point B. With MyRideDNA, you can Plan, Record and Share rides with a community of riders who know what it means for their bike to be a part of their soul.

It’s about sharing info, stories and epic photos from the road - but it’s more than social media. It’s about buying and sharing custom gear and parts - but it’ ain’t the Amazon you’re used to. It’s the community and camaraderie. Memories left in the dust and possibilities you’ll encounter just over the next hill. It’s deep within your blood. Part of your being. It’s about your Ride, and everything that surrounds it. It’s MyRideDNA.

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MyRideDNA was born out of a shared passion that founders Curt and Joe have for riding.

After three decades of friendship, they are still riding, and feel now, more than ever, that bikes and the rider community have truly become a part of their DNA. It’s even more appropriate when you consider MyRideDNA was founded in Milwaukee, home to the world headquarters of Harley Davidson.

The idea of sharing this passion comes from deep within. At MyRideDNA, we don’t just ride a stock bike, we change it up. We customize it, we make it our own – and like most of us, we show it off. And, after all the miles we’ve logged, we haven’t found a site that fits all our needs, so we created one.

MyRideDNA is an extension of the rider community. It’s a forum for ideas. It’s a meeting place where you can create and share rides, routes and event information. It’s a place to share, log and reflect on every epic mile you’ve ridden, and all the sights you’ve ever seen on your bike. It’s a marketplace unlike any other, where you can find that unique part that makes your bike, YOUR bike.

We hope you’ll join us in creating something that strengthens this amazing community and makes it more a part of our DNA than ever.

Let’s Ride.
Joe Hayes, Founder
Curt Harmatys, Founder